Y'ha-nthlei was a city of the Deep Ones, built above the foundations of the prison for the Flying Polyps near Devil's Reef.


Barrier around Y'ha-nthlei during the attack of 1922

The city itself was not very old, probably being built around 1840's. However, it was the primary religious center of the Esoteric Order and the seat of power for Mother Hydra.

History : Edit

When Obed Marsh, a ship captain from the local town of Innsmouth, summoned the Deep Ones, it marked the beginning of a long lasting alliance between the two races. Since there is evidence that the Kanakies were destroyed by the neighbouring tribes, it is safe to believe that this act was the trigger for the Deep Ones to settle on Devil's Reef. After the slaughter of 1846 and the forcing of the "Oaths of Dagon", the people of Innsmouth started to mate with the Deep Ones on large scale.

Deep One-1

Deep One-Human hybrid

In time, the children of this marriages evolved into Deep One-Human hybrids and as they couldn't live on land any longer, they moved to Y'ha-nthlei. Those who were shun by the people on land, were now free to walk among their Deep One brothers. This all lasted until 1922 when the U. S. Navy led an attack on the city; when it was highly damaged and most likely abandoned, but not destroyed.

Description : Edit

The city was made of mostly natural, air-filled tunnels, the Temple and the main hall dominating the city. The city had been connected with the town of Innsmouth and Devil's Reef with tunnels and a portal leading to the old Masonic Temple. The city also had prison cells as well as a laboratory. It is known that Esther Marsh had been trying to cultivate new breeds of plant life, inspired by prehistoric plants. It was here that Esther and Sebastian Marsh attempted to create bio-chemical weapons, which was later on discovered by the FBI, and lead to the downfall of Innsmouth and the Marshes.

Locations : Edit

Portal room : Edit

The first area visited by Jack Walters and one of the two ways to enter the city, aside from the passage in Devil's Reef. It includes an inter-dimensional gateway, which is connected to the Old Masonic Hall in Innsmouth, used by Sebastian Marsh to enter the city. It also includes a double-harrow system, which Jack finds himself trapped in.

Prison cells : Edit

This area is where most undesired visitors - as well as the Marsh's test subjects - finds themselves in.

The laboratory : Edit

Robert Marsh's office : Edit

The Polyps' prison : Edit

The Temple of Dagon : Edit