Robert Marsh is the leader of the Esoteric Order of Dagon in Innsmouth. He is the main antagonist (beside Father Dagon and Mother Hydra) of the game. Unlike his businessman brother Sebastian Marsh (his elder brother) Robert is an intensely religious person, obsessed with fanaticism and witchcraft. He is in some sort of feud with Sebastian.

Robert's goal is to translate the Tablets of Dagon. He is feared and respected by the citizens of Innsmouth.

Role in the game Edit


Robert Marsh (right) and Sebastian Marsh (left)

His role in the game begins when he orders that Jack must be killed in the Gilman Hotel. Jack escapes and FBI agents enter the Marsh Refinery where they arrest Jacob Marsh (son of Sebastian) and find some evidence that Sebastian works with enemies of the State. Consequently, U.S. Marines launch an attack on the city of Innsmouth. Robert gathers the last surviving members of the Order and they hold their ground in the old Masonic Hall where the headquarters of Esoteric Order of Dagon are located. Robert creates a barrier on the main doors so that Marines can not enter the building. Jack gets in through the secret doors that are near the Manuxet river. Robert's ceremony is disrupted by Jack, allowing the barier to fade out. Robert is forced to retreat through the old smuggling tunnels leading out to Devil's Reef.

Upon the arrival to Devil's Reef Robert Marsh summons Dagon by casting a disc into the ocean and performing a human sacrifice. Dagon attacks US Marines ship Cutter Urania, along with Jack onboard. Jack defeats Dagon using the ship's cannon. Robert goes to the temple of Hydra in Y'ha-nthlei and, with Mother Hydra, he creates magical barrier around the underwater city.

Submarine attacks can't break the barrier. Sebastian returns from his business trip. He captures Jack and throws him in a cell and takes the Book of Dagon from Jack . Sebastian encounters Robert and two begin to argue. The argument soon becomes a fight and Sebastian shoots Robert, damaging his left arm in the process. Robert then makes a counterattack and kills Sebastian with his magic. Meanwhile Jack escapes from prison and watches the entire fight through the ventilation sistem. Jack falls down and Robert becomes hostile towards him. Jack has no weapon and must flee and hide from Robert's attacks. Jack eventually finds a knife and stabs Robert to death.

Inspiration Edit

Robert is probably inspired by Robert Olmstead who is the main protagonist in the H.P. Lovecraft book called ''Shadow over Innsmouth'' which covers the main plot of the game. Robert Marsh and Robert Olmstead are both descendants of Obed Marsh.

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