Rebecca Lawrence was a person of interest in the game.

Rebeca lawrence call of cthulhu by papkapapka-d7nix4l

Role in the gameEdit

Jack meets her in Chapter I. She is a far cry from the other residents of Innsmouth, yet, at first she will refuse to talk with Jack about the disapearence of Brian Burnham, but as the investigation goes on, she will be more open to him in terms of information. Another meeting will prompt her to show Jack the advantages of signs within the game world. When Jack returns from Thomas Waite's house after being attacked by a mysterious creature, he meets Rebeca again, who will explain the use of medical kits. Her last appearence is in Chapter IV, after Jack safely escapes the sewers, meeting her in an abandoned house. Jack tells her that he's been attacked by Innsmouth's townfolk, prompting Rebecca to direct him to her fathers church.

Later in the game she will die, killed by Innsmouth's townfolk.

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