Innsmouth citizens can be divided on the ''good looking'' and ''evil looking''.

They are mostly ''evil looking'' and are hostile towards Jack.

725389-470998 20060503 002

Female ''sick'' citizen of Innsmouth

Good ''healthy'' looking folk Edit

The normal looking folk of the town are extremely afraid of the Order. They are indifferent towards Jack and won't be of any help. They are poor looking and can sometimes be seen crying on the park benches.

Evil ''sick'' looking folk Edit

Maxresdefault (2)

Innsmouth citizen attacking

Evil looking folk of the town are hostile towards Jack. They are the members of the Esoteric Order of Dagon and are fanatical in their ways. They hate anyone who shows any interest in the town of Innsmouth; and they are ready to kill if necessary.. They are actually hybrids of the Deep Ones and humans. These citizens are normal looking in their early life but they later make change and look more like their Deep One parent. In time they can't live on the surface so they swim down to Y'ha-nthlei (the city of Deep Ones near Devil's Reef) where they live forever because of their immortal Deep One parent.

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