Flying Polyps are an extraterrestrial race. They are only found in the last level, when Jack travels through the prison for the Flying Polyps, in order to reach Mother Hydra.

Flying Polyp

Flying Polyp encountered by Jack

History Edit

The Polyps were one of the first races to colonize the Earth, even before the Great Race of Yith. What was their goal or origin is unknown, but they had built great cities of basalt. The arrival of the Great Race, lead to the growth of tensions and eventually war. Using their naturally given powers, the Polyps quickly defeated many armies of the Great Race. This was until the Great Race had created the "Yith energy weapon". The Polyps were forced to retreat and were eventually imprisoned.

Description Edit

The Polyps are one of the most horrific creatures. They are able to fly (even though they have no wings) and to teleport themselves. It seams that they never walk on the ground, but they always leave five-toed radial footprints. Their power derives from their manipulation of the wind in battle. They are also blind.

It is worth noted, that even the Deep Ones fear the Flying Polyps.

Present Edit

It is highly possible for many of the Flying Polyps to still be alive, right beneath our feet.

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