Father Dagon, or simply Dagon, is a Great Old One and leader of the Deep Ones. He is worshiped by the Deep Ones and the Esoteric Order of Dagon in Innsmouth.

Father dagon

Dagon attacking the ship

Origins Edit

He rules as a monarch of the Deep Ones. He may have come from outer space along with Great Cthulhu. His consort Hydra, or Mother Hydra, rules over Deep Ones alongside him.

Gameplay Edit

Dagon is a main antagonist of the game. He is summoned by Robert Marsh on Devil's Reef and attacks the Cutter Urania while Jack is on-board. The two battle and Jack defeats him by shooting with the ships cannon at Dagon's head. Dagon is heavily wounded and sinks down into the deep ocean. It is unclear whether Dagon was killed or wounded.

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